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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Rubis promotion about?

Rubis is a nationwide promotion designed to reward Shell customers who continuously choose our high quality fuels and services.

Through this campaign, we will reward over 360 customers with full tanks worth of Shell Fuel.

This promotion will be valid for six weeks starting 1st December, 2022, and targets all customers; from private motorists (My car) and commercial drivers (taxi, bus, lorry/trucks) to Boda Boda riders who use Shell FuelSave and Shell V-Power for their vehicles and motorbikes.

Through this promotion, we wish to extend some much needed support and ease the financial burden brought about by the rise in prices of goods and services, to help our customers to continue to run their businesses.

Who qualifies to participate in is promotion?

All motorists are eligible for this promotion including taxi drivers, private motorists, truck drivers, card customers (VISA & Shell Fuel card) and everyone else driving a vehicle or riding a motobike who uses Shell FuelSave or Shell V-Power. Since driving in Uganda is restricted to those over the age of 18, the promotion will not be eligible to customers under that age.

What are the benefits of the campaign?

We have two categories of prizes;

  1. Instant prizes which include; Fuel and Shopping rewards worth UGX 10,000.

These instant rewards are issued based on customer winnings after spinning the wheel.

  1. Weekly grand prizes which include; Full tanks of Shell Fuel to 40 motorists and 24 motorbikes per week. The full tank prize will be capped at UGX 250,000 (for cars) and UGX 40,000 (for motorbikes) worth of Shell FuelSave Unleaded, Shell FuelSave Diesel or Shell V-Power, to be redeemed at selected Shell Retail stations.

How does one participate in the promotion?

  1. Buy Shell FuelSave Petrol, Diesel or Shell V-Power worth UGX UGX 100,000 for cars and UGX 20,000 for motorbikes at any of the participating Shell stations.
  2. Customers then need to share their car/bike number plate, phone number and amount consumed with our activation team attendant who will then enter these details into our promotion
  3. The customer will then receive an instant SMS showing one of the flowing If they have won; You have automatically been entered into the Shell Extra Ku

Extra promotion weekly draw and stand a chance to win a full tank every week. Winners will be contacted to collect their reward.

Shell Go well.

For what duration will this campaign be operational and how many stations are participating?

This campaign will be operational over 6 weeks from the 1st December 2022 to 16th January 2023.

We have 165 participating Shell Retail stations across the country. These sites are well spread to ensure great regional representation and convenience for our customers across the country.

Can I have more than one entry for the weekly draw?

Yes. All you have to do is spend more. Motorists will receive ONE draw entry for every 100,000 UGX for cars and 20,000 UGX for motorbikes spent on Shell FuelSave unleaded, Diesel or Shell V-Power. Customers can break their purchases into UGX 100,000 thresholds to increase their number of entries and increase their chances of winning.

Are participation entries from each week carried over to the next?

No, participation entries from one week will not be valid in the next week. Over 64 motorists stand a chance to win every week for the duration of the promotion. To improve winning chances, customers need to purchase and participate every day.

What more should we expect from this campaign?

There is a lot of activity that will come along with this execution, including exciting station activations across the country where motorists stand a chance of winning instant fuel and shopping rewards when they purchase Shell FuelSave Unleaded, Diesel or Shell V-Power during the activation days.

How and when do I know whether I have won?

Weekly grand draw winners will be contacted through the Vivo Energy dedicated number. The designated number is as follows: 0772754020.

This is the only phone number you can expect to receive communication from if you

are a successful winner. Please be wary of fraudsters that may try to take advantage of this promotional platform.

What would be required of me to claim my reward if I am a successful winner?

All successful winners will claim their rewards from our Shell Retail stations. All successful customers will be required to go to their preferred retail site with the phone number and vehicle with matching registration plates for the winning entry and a valid driving permit to access their rewards.